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Children Teachers

02 June, 2018 For the past seven months, I had been working at a daycare in Florianopolis. I was engaged with children of age 3-6 years. Although I had a little difficulty to cope up with my apprenticeship in the beginning, as time passed, I was used to and enjoyed the presence of the children.Continue reading “Children Teachers”

Why I quit social media?

30 April, 2018 A year ago, I was a social media addict. I loved using Facebook, Instagram and, Snapchat. I enjoyed sharing updates through my photo and video posts. I was often busy with my cell phone messaging friends and being updated about the lives of hundreds of followers. However, as I took a bridgeContinue reading “Why I quit social media?”

By the beach, In the Sea

30 April, 2018 During my bridge year in Florianopolis, Brazil, I had one objective: to visit all the beaches on the island. This proved to be an extreme challenge because the island of magic has more than 40 beaches. I could not visit all the beaches. Thus, I decided to go for the most beautiful beaches which areContinue reading “By the beach, In the Sea”

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